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Blue Fruit Digital

A new approach to getting business greater reach online.
We are developing a network of IT professionals to focus on building better businesses online that create increased reach and conversions. Not just websites. 

We work with you on devoping a comprehensive online strategy for your business.


Social Media SUPPORT 

Blue Fruit Digital has had a decade of experience supporting small business in the development of effective social media strategies. 

We have developed and successfully delivered hands on training workshops.
Developed social media strategies for small businesses.
Provided social media coaching for small businesses.
Assisted businesses to access, install and effectively use Social Media Aggegators.

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SEO SUpport

There's not much point being online if no-one can find you. Blue Fruit Digital has a range of strategies that can help you increase your online reach and connect to more customers.

We can;

Assess all your online assets and make recommendations on how you can improve the SEO of those assets without having to pay exhorbitant SEO fees.

Develop an effective online  strategy for you to implement that will increase the SEO of your website.

Connect you to a comprehensive professional SEO service.

Domain Services.
Social Media Support

Website development

Blue Fruit Digital is the evolution from IT Bandwagon that was an Adobe Business Catalyst Partner. Since the End of Life announcement of Business Catalyst from Adobe, Blue Fruit Digital has emerged to provide web development from a range of platforms better suited to the unique needs of individual businesses. 

Blue Fruit Digital can develop simple websites from $500 to complex custom designed multi dimensional sites. SoBroome is our show site which is a complex custom designed site.

Avenir Light is a clean and stylish font favored by designers. It's easy on the eyes and a great go to font for titles, paragraphs & more.

professional Live Streaming Services

Blue Fruit Digital can provide a professional live streaming service for your event, social media strategy, wedding or conference.


We use the following technology;


Blackmagic Design ATEM video Mini HDMI lIve stream switcher

Sony 6000 video cameras

Boya wireless lapel mics

Portable power source (Stream from anywhere)

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