About Unique Kimberley

About Unique Kimberley

Unique Kimberley, bringing real people, real content and real stories to tourism marketing in Broome and the Kimberley. from Chris Maher

The Maher Family Trust: ABN: 96 383 592 377 trading as Unique Kimberley is a small but growing, innovative tourism consulting service based in Broome and servicing the unique Kimberley region of Western Australia. Directors Robyn and Chris Maher share 24 year experience in the Kimberley. Robyn's experience has been in all facets of tourism, while Chris has experience across both the public and private sectors. 


Hey Robyn - congrats on the new biz! Anything I can do to help you from Boston?

Posted by Adam Persson on Thursday, February 25, 2016

Robyn's extensive experience in destination marketing gives her a strategic understanding of the unique challenges facing tourism operators in the Kimberley. We work with tourism businesses to develop their marketing resources to give them the widest possible reach to connect with people wanting to experience their product in the unique Kimberley. 

We offer event coordination and management services that range from assisting professional conference organisers to assess the destination's ability to meet their needs, to a turnkey event management service. 

Chris's extensive experience with IT Bandwagon positions us to offer a complete range of on line digital development for any business. We can help you build a strong digital brand capable of connecting you to the world. 

We also offer an exclusive service for particular travellers looking for the unique Kimberley experience. We can package all aspects of your visit to ensure your unique Kimberley experience is an unforgettable one.

Finally because we love the Kimberley, its uniqueness and all it has to offer we are committed to using our social media power to extend the reach of the unique Kimberley through our hashtag #UniqueKimberley. Please use it when ever you post content from the Kimberley. 

We're a team that adore what we do

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